Super Cute Paper Plate Snowmen

Paper Plate Snowmen Wreath!


Check out our cute snowmen paper plate decorations! Lately, I saw this cool idea on, and I knew…that my Kindergarteners will love it. So, of course, today we tried to make these paper plate snowmen. What do you think?

This simple craft is great for Winter decorations, so we hanged them on the door and ont the wall in our kindergarten. The kids were really excited, we had so much fuuun!

What do you need to make a paper snowmen:

  • White Paper Plates
  • Cotton Wool Balls
  • Buttons
  • Cardstock Scraps – Brown, Green, Pink, Orange, any colors (we were creative)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sticky Tape


You do not really need instructions! It is soo simple!

First of all you, you have to cut the middle out of a paper plate. We glued the middle of the paper plate to the edge of the paper plate wreath, this will be the head.

Then, glue all the cotton balls around the edge of the paper plate wreath. We used scraps of paper or card cut a hat, carrot nose, scarf, stick arms for the snowman.  And then glue. At the end, our snowmen got button eyes and smile. And, that is it. Have fun!